About QRBC

QRBC Charter

  • To represent member organisations with Government departments, industry and the public generally on all aspects of recreational boating activities.

  • To promote safety good seamanship and courtesy at sea amongst recreational boating owners and those with whom they share the use of the waterways.

  • To ensure that the rights and privileges of recreational boating owners and operators are preserved within the context of social and regulatory pressures upon the marine environment and marine facilities.

  • To provide a source of informed opinion on matters pertaining to recreational boating

QRBC meets on the second Wednesday each month (except January). Meetings are held at Manly and occasionally in regional areas. Virtual access is also available where there is no alternative.

The QRBC is self funded from membership fees which go towards administration costs and various travel to events to represent recreational boaters interests.

If you identify any issues that you would like the QRBC to address please contact us

2019 marked the 50th year of representation for the Queensland recreational boaties, jet skiers and all water users alike.


Our History