EPIRB Accidental Activation causing issues for authorities

EPRIB Reminder

Float-free EPIRB activation costs valuable time and money if accidental.

AMSA reminds Float-Free EPIRB owners to take caution when washing vessels or moving EPRIBs from mounting brackets. Owners should also be are of the correct way to mount or install the device.

Accidental activation costs time and money. Recently there has been a number cases where wet activation switches due to boat washing have triggered devices.

AMSA advises, “If your float-free EPIRB is accidentally activated you will notice the strobe light flashing and beeping, dry the water activation switch immediately and contact AMSA on 1800 641 792. There is no penalty for accidental activation”. (AMSA, 26 April 2022)

More information on float-free EPRIB’s, including the correct way to install the device can be found by visiting: https://beacons.amsa.gov.au/about/float-free-epirbs.asp?_ga=2.22095613.774406988.1651276116-820718031.1649917448

AMSA press release can be found at: qhttps://www.amsa.gov.au/news-community/news-and-media-releases/how-prevent-inadvertent-activations-your-float-free-epirb-0