Mooloolaba Bar risking lives and hurting businesses

Mooloolaba Bar 'lives at risk'

Issues with shoaling at the entrance to Mooloolaba Harbour ‘…is making access for vessels extremely treacherous’ (Fiona Simpson MP, May 2022).

The member for Maroochydore has launched a campaign titled “Make It Safe” in an effort to get the bar dredged and a long term solution found to reoccurring shoaling issues.

Mooloolaba Bar is a highly utilised and very important access point for boating recreationally, commercially and for the marine pilots, volunteer rescue, and the water police.  Recent weather events have exacerbated the issue and multiple vessels have run aground due to the shallow depth.

Ms Simpson has raised the issue with the Transport Minister as a matter that requires urgent attention and stated that ‘lives will be lost’ unless action is taken very soon.   The member for Maroochydore is also encouraging anyone that has been involved in an incident on the bar to report it and for anyone that understands the importance of solving this issue to sign the petition, via the links provided below.

Mooloolaba Harbour Entrance Complaint Form – Fiona Simpson MP


Further information and the press release regarding this matter can be found at: Lives & livelihoods at risk at horror Mooloolaba Harbour entrance – Fiona Simpson MP