Don’t be foolish when it comes to a Child’s safety on the water?

Lifejackets not being worn by children

Children not wearing lifejackets when in small watercraft or on a PWC is not on!

With another long weekend about the start, the QRBC would like to remind all waterways users of the utmost importance of ensuring that any children that are out on the water with you are wearing a lifejacket.  Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) reported earlier this year that it was ‘…. incomprehensible people could be so careless with safety of children when boating (MSQ, February 2022)’, following the interception of an unlicensed jet ski rider on the Gold Coast that had a 4 year old passenger onboard who was not wearing a lifejacket.

All too often we hear of tragic incidents involving children and water.  It only takes a few moments to put a lifejacket onto a child and that few moments may just save their life.

It is also important to remember that whilst adults may believe they do not need to wear a lifejacket when they are out boating, having one on whilst out on the water doesn’t inconvenience or impede you in anyway.  Just like driving a car and wearing a seat belt, boating and wearing a lifejacket should be second nature.

It has been reported that during 1992 and 2020, 259 people drowned in boating incidents in Queensland. of those 259, only 15 were known to have been wearing lifejackets (MSQ, February 2022).  Seriously think about putting one on when your next heading out, especially if you’re boating on your own.

If you’re uncertain of what safety equipment you need when boating, please make sure you head over to: Safety equipment for boats in Queensland (Maritime Safety Queensland) (msq.qld.gov.au)

There’s also a great website that details everything you need to know about lifejackets: Lifejacket Portal – Check, Service & Register your Inflatable Life Jacket (lifejackets.org.au)

The statement from MSQ can be found at: https://www.msq.qld.gov.au/About-us/News-and-stories/Children-at-risk-on-the-water

Have a great weekend.