Water Police remind us of the importance of knowing who owns discovered safety equipment.

Remember to register your safety equipment

If your safety equipment gets lost overboard, can it be linked back to you?

The Queensland Water Police wants boaties to be aware of the importance of not only carrying the correct safety equipment on their vessels but to also understand that these items need to be able to be linked to their owners, should they be found.  This is especially important if you own an Epirb and/or a Liferaft.

At the QRBC April meeting, the Queensland Water Police asked that we remind our members that Epribs must be registered with AMSA and if you own a liferaft, your contact details need to be easily identifiable on the raft, should it be located in the water or on the shore.  Items such as your vessel’s name, registration number, the owner’s contact details, as well as an emergency contact name and number should be included.

If you are involved in a marine incident and end up in the water, separated from your liferaft or Epirb, it is imperative that the authorities are able to quickly ascertain who the owner of the equipment is.  Delays in finding persons due to the necessary information not being available, may ultimately cost someone’s life.

It is also important that the general public are aware that should they come across a liferaft whilst they are on the water or on the shore, that they contact the authorities immediately to report the location and provide any ownership details, should they be visible.

Recently a Liferaft was discovered on the shoreline and the finder did not report this until sometime after the event.  Not only did the raft contain no details of ownership, the Epirb that was onboard the raft was not registered with AMSA.  Fortunately in this instance the owner of the raft was in-fact at home safe and sound.  There is a considerable about of time and expense that goes into searching for an owner in cases such as these.

For more information on how to register your Epirb, go to: https://beacons.amsa.gov.au/